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a bed bug biting human skin

Are These Bed Bugs In My Alexander City, AL Home?


Bed bugs are challenging to identify and are sometimes misidentified for other insects. It is also a common misconception that bed bugs are too small to see, but this isn’t the case. The real reason people don’t easily see them is that they are nocturnal, masters at hiding, and can go over a year without taking a meal.... Read More

cockroaches crawling inside a kitchen

What Alexander City Property Owners Need To Know About American Cockroaches


Whether it’s democracy, donuts, soccer, or sushi, us Americans love to take credit for things that didn’t really originate in America. This even extends to our cockroaches. The most prevalent cockroach in Alexander City is the formidable American cockroach. But most insect experts think that this species came from Africa about 400 years ago. Regardless of this misconception though, these cockroaches make their presence felt all acr... Read More

mosquito speading illnesses through it bite

Alexander City's Guide To Effective Mosquito Control


Flowers are blooming. People are gathering around the grill. It’s not surprising that so many people love this time of year. However, with those warmer months comes the return of pests long forgotten over the winter. One such pest that makes a strong return every year is the mosquito.... Read More

termite crawling on a wooden in a home

Addressing Termite Troubles In Alexander City


Termites are social insects that live in large colonies. Split into groups of workers, soldiers, reproductives, and swarmers, termites live their day-to-day life with three goals: gather wood, reproduce, and find new areas to build colonies.... Read More

a fullly matured bed bug crawlong through the soft cotton sheets in a alexander city labama home

Bed Bugs Favorite Places To Hide In Alexander City  


Have you ever played hide and seek? Most people have. Today, we will be playing a game very similar, except instead of people hiding, bed bugs will hide and we will try to find them. If you are worried you are not up for the task, don’t worry.... Read More

a full grown american cockroach resting on a wooden plank in an alexander city kitchen decoration

3 Things Every Alexander City Resident Should Know About American Roaches


Everyone's home rules are different. For example, some homeowners want people to take off their shoes before coming inside while others don’t care if folks walk around the house in muddy boots. It all comes down to personal preference. Except when it comes to cockroaches. No matter what rule and preference a homeowner has, cockroaches are a big no-no.... Read More


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