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a small house mouse creating a big problem for an alexander city resident in alabama

Avoiding Mice Problems In Alexander City This Fall  


We don’t often think about how lucky we are to live in temperature-controlled homes. When the weather gets cold during the winter, we get to stay nice and cozy within the safety of our homes. Rodents don’t have this luxury so they sometimes look to sneak into our homes. For this reason, wintertime is prime time for rodent invasions. ... Read More

a fullly matured bed bug crawlong through the soft cotton sheets in a alexander city labama home

Bed Bugs Favorite Places To Hide In Alexander City  


Have you ever played hide and seek? Most people have. Today, we will be playing a game very similar, except instead of people hiding, bed bugs will hide and we will try to find them. If you are worried you are not up for the task, don’t worry.... Read More

a full grown american cockroach resting on a wooden plank in an alexander city kitchen decoration

3 Things Every Alexander City Resident Should Know About American Roaches


Everyone's home rules are different. For example, some homeowners want people to take off their shoes before coming inside while others don’t care if folks walk around the house in muddy boots. It all comes down to personal preference. Except when it comes to cockroaches. No matter what rule and preference a homeowner has, cockroaches are a big no-no.... Read More

mosquito up close

Your Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Alexander City


How do you fight an insect you can barely see buzzing around and trying to bite you? Do you slap at it? Perhaps shoo it away? What if it comes back, then what? This is what dealing with mosquitoes is like. The reason we are here today is to discuss methods of keeping mosquitoes away that don’t involve swinging our hands about and slapping ourselves. Interested? Stick around to learn more.... Read More

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