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a carpenter ant crawling on a piece of fruit

Five Signs Your Alexander City Property Might Have Carpenter Ants


Even if you know what carpenter ants look like, they could infest your property and begin doing damage before you see them. So, knowing other signs of a carpenter ant infestation and what the damage they do looks like is vital. By being able to notice an infestation early on, you can save yourself a lot of money.... Read More

a brown recluse spider outdoors

Alexander City's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Spider Control


Here, in Alexander City, there are countless pests we need to worry about year-round both inside and out. In our fight to control these pest populations, the spider actually serves as an ally. That is because spiders feed on many of the insects we consider to be nuisance pests... Read More

a bed bug crawling on human skin

The Secret To Getting Bed Bugs Out of Your Alexander City Home


Have you ever had an incessant itch that would not go away and tried to figure out what in the world was causing it? If you're experiencing an influx of bites that seem to appear overnight, you may have a bed bug problem, and unfortunately, these pesky insects are hard to nail down... Read More

cockroaches crawling inside a kitchen

What Alexander City Property Owners Need To Know About American Cockroaches


Whether it’s democracy, donuts, soccer, or sushi, us Americans love to take credit for things that didn’t really originate in America. This even extends to our cockroaches. The most prevalent cockroach in Alexander City is the formidable American cockroach. But most insect experts think that this species came from Africa about 400 years ago. Regardless of this misconception though, these cockroaches make their presence felt all acr... Read More

mosquito speading illnesses through it bite

Alexander City's Guide To Effective Mosquito Control


Flowers are blooming. People are gathering around the grill. It’s not surprising that so many people love this time of year. However, with those warmer months comes the return of pests long forgotten over the winter. One such pest that makes a strong return every year is the mosquito.... Read More

ants near refrigerator

The Best Ant Control Advice Alexander City Homeowners Can Hear


Often, homeowners spend money and expend time and energy to get rid of ants only to have their ant problems continue. Or grow. If you're dealing with ants, the best ant control advice you can hear is expert advice from professionals who deal with ants all the time. Here are some tips from experts at Top Gun Pest Control.... Read More

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