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a cockorach infestation on a window frame

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Alexander City?


Here in Alexander City, we’ve got our fair share of great attractions. And if the smell of southern comfort food wafting from our homes and restaurants is enticing to us, you can be sure it’s enticing to cockroaches as well.... Read More

termites crawling in a wood nest

Alexander City Property Owner's Handy Termite Prevention Guide


There are over 20,000 species of edible plants around the world, many of which humans consume daily. One plant humans typically don’t eat, however, is trees. Granted, you could try to eat this plant, but it wouldn’t provide you with any nutritional value. Do you know who does get nutritional value from trees? Termites. ... Read More

a bed bug on the headboard of a bed

How To Spot A Bed Bug Problem In Your Alexander City Home


Top Gun Pest Control is committed to making sure that it remains a city we can be proud of. Our expert task force dedicates itself to making sure that the city remains free of such unwelcome guests as – among others – bed bugs. Though bed bugs were once thought to be an old-fashioned pest issue, they've made quite the resurrection lately... Read More

a carpenter ant crawling on a piece of fruit

Five Signs Your Alexander City Property Might Have Carpenter Ants


Even if you know what carpenter ants look like, they could infest your property and begin doing damage before you see them. So, knowing other signs of a carpenter ant infestation and what the damage they do looks like is vital. By being able to notice an infestation early on, you can save yourself a lot of money.... Read More

a brown recluse spider outdoors

Alexander City's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Spider Control


Here, in Alexander City, there are countless pests we need to worry about year-round both inside and out. In our fight to control these pest populations, the spider actually serves as an ally. That is because spiders feed on many of the insects we consider to be nuisance pests... Read More

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