The Ultimate Cockroach-Prevention Guide For Alexander City Homeowners


As Alexander City homeowners, we take pride in our properties. Along with caring for our homes and yards, we put an emphasis on keeping out any unwanted trespassers. Typically, this means deer, raccoons, or snakes. However, we’ve got our fair share of insect pests as well.

a cockroach outside of a home

At the top of the list of unwanted pests are disgusting roaches that are never content with staying outside. Unfortunately, the home-invading roaches that plague our Alexander City properties can hurt a lot more than just our pride.

Local Roach Problems

Almost all roach species share common features, having six legs, antennae, and two sets of clear wings that lay flat on their backs. There are three different kinds of roaches common to our region: the American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the German cockroach.

  • The American cockroach is the largest. Their dark reddish-brown bodies measure up to an inch and a half in length and can be quite an alarming presence in your home.
  • The Oriental cockroach is only slightly smaller, with the same coloration. The biggest difference between these two large roach species is the shiny finish on the coat of the Oriental cockroach.
  • The German cockroach is easily differentiated as one of the smallest roach species in the world. Their tan bodies only measure to about seven centimeters at the most. However, this allows them access to places that other pests can’t get to.

No matter which type of roach is invading your home, it’s a serious health hazard. That’s the other feature that all roach species share: they’re not only dirty but dangerous as well. Before invading your home, cockroaches will hang out in some of the most contaminated places in town like sewers, landfills, and dumpsters. While they’re searching for food, they’ll collect bacteria that can be spread all over your home, including your meal-preparation surfaces. The more this bacteria is spread around your house, the higher your chances of incurring diseases like salmonella and E.coli.
Along with spreading bacteria to your frequently touched surfaces, roaches will emit a pathogen as they move around. This pathogen is the cause of the yellowing on the walls when infestations get bad. Plus, it’s also been known to cause allergic reactions in both adults and children, and the longer you allow infestations to linger, the higher your chances of getting sick will be.

Get Rid Of Roaches For Good

In order to prevent roaches from becoming a health risk in your home, try the following activities for lessoning roach attraction within your walls:

  • Moisture control: roaches love dark, damp environments like bathrooms and behind kitchen appliances. Using a dehumidifier and monitoring pipes for leaks will help reduce moisture issues in the house.
  • Clean up the clutter: roaches prefer a cluttered environment to increase their level of cover. Organized, open spaces are very intimidating and unattractive to roaches.
    Proper food and trash storage: leaving dishes in the sink overnight, not putting food away properly, or allowing easy access to your trash can create a lot of roach activity in your kitchen.
  • Regular cleanings: vacuuming or mopping regularly can help police loose crumbs in your home. Roaches can survive off even the smallest crumbs, so keeping the floors clean will reduce roach’s attraction to your house.
  • Seal entry points: applying proper weather-stripping below exterior doors and sealing up the caulking along windowsills can reduce the chances of their entry.

While these tips can help reduce your chances of incurring a roach infestation, there are no guarantees when it comes to do-it-yourself pest control. Contact Top Gun Pest Control for the best form of cockroach control.

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