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Sylacauga Homeowners' Guide To Spotting Termite Problems Before It's Too Late

March 17, 2020 - Termites

Did you know that termites cost home and business owners five billion dollars each year in the United States? That's pretty shocking, isn't it? Who knew that something so tiny could be such a force? Often described as "white ants," termites are wood-eating insects. That said, they could destroy your home, business, furniture or other belongings. The three main types are dampwood, drywood and subterranean. The subterranean is the most common kind in our home state of Alabama. Between their size and their operation within walls, most people won't know they are there until it's too late. Being proactive about termite identification and prevention in Alexander City is critical. You can learn how to protect your Sylacauga space with Top Gun's help, starting now.

How To Spot A Termite Infestation

In termite colonies, each member plays a specific part. The majority are workers. At 1/8 of an inch in length, they're the smallest in the camp. They're typically white or grayish-white in color. Soldiers are a bit bigger, with rectangular, yellow-brown heads. Their role is to protect the group with their defined jaws. Swarmers are the largest, being half an inch long. Their wings, which are longer than their bodies, are what distinguish them from the others. They are also the only ones that travel outside. Appearance-wise, their color can vary from yellow to black or brown. Being responsible for reproduction, they leave their nests in the springtime to mate and build new colonies. If you find them outdoors, they likely came from the ground nearby. But if you catch them exiting through a wall crack, or around windows and lamps (they're drawn to light) inside your home, this is a sure sign that you already have termites eating away at your home. They only leave a nest if it's full, so seeing them is a primary sign of infestation. Some other indications are:

  • Drooping or discolored drywall
  • Needle-size wall holes
  • Weak or loose floorboards and tiles
  • Peeling and bubbling paint that looks water damaged
  • Tight-fitting windows and doors
  • Ruined or hollow-sounding wood
  • Maze patterns, mud tubes or clicking noises in walls
  • Swarmer wings that look like fish scales

How To Prevent Termites

A wood-less life doesn't seem possible, so what's to stop termites from showing up? Actually, there are a lot of ways to ward off these pests:

  • Throw out rotting wood, particularly pieces softened by water damage.
  • Repair anything making wood wet (ex. leaky pipes and faucets).
  • Keep stored wood away from soil and distanced from your property.
  • Close crevices and cracks in walls and utility lines.
  • Groom greenery, and keep it far from your property.
  • Regularly clean gutters and vents.

Top Gun Termite Pest Control Methods

Top Gun has had a long run saving Sylacauga properties from termites and other pests; we've been in business for 14 years. We offer affordable prevention and treatment services. Examples include encapsulation and moisture barriers. We also use brand Termatrac and Termidor HPII products, such as pesticides, sprays and injection fluids. The best part is that our visits come with a warranty; we'll retreat your place every eight years for free! Our standard packages feature quarterly, bi-monthly, and monthly appointments.

Assistance from Top Gun begins with a comprehensive free inspection. We'll identify vulnerable areas and/or those already impacted by termites. Then, we'll design a custom treatment plan with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. From there, we'll start the process of removing termites from your Sylacauga home. Go ahead and give us a call today!

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