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How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Alexander City?

February 15, 2021 - Cockroaches

Here in Alexander City, we’ve got our fair share of great attractions. From wakeboarding on Lake Martin to a day trip, to the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum- we’ve got tons of things that give our town its sweet home Alabama flavor. Unfortunately, another thing we’ve got our fair share of around here is cockroaches. The lakes, the creeks, and the wet weather give these moisture-loving bugs plenty of places to live and breed. And if the smell of southern comfort food wafting from our homes and restaurants is enticing to us, you can be sure it’s enticing to them as well. Here are some of the common cockroaches in Alexander City, as well as tips for keeping them outside where they belong!

Common Area Roaches

There are a multitude of cockroach species here in central Alabama, including the brownbanded, smokybrown, American, Oriental, and German cockroaches. While each of these guys is a unique type of cockroach, they all have a ton of things in common. First off, all cockroaches are tough as nails. The rumor that they can survive a nuclear blast is pretty ubiquitous – and they can indeed survive much larger doses of radiation than humans can. They’re also resistant to a lot of household chemicals, meaning that many common bug sprays won’t kill them. What’s more, their resistance to repellants is only increasing. Maybe worst of all, if they do run across something that can kill them, it’s no problem. They’ve already produced a thousand replacement roaches anyway.

All cockroach species are also really gross. Since they love warm, dark, and wet places, they’ll often hang out in storm drains, gutters, and sewers. They also eat just about anything, meaning you can find them in garbage cans, dumpsters, compost piles, animal dung, and even rotting carcasses. Roaches pick up pathogens from all these unpleasant places and bring them straight into your home when they infest it, making them dangerous to your health as well as just plain disgusting!

Prevention Tips

Since cockroaches are so resilient and such prolific breeders, it’s really hard to get rid of them once they get in. That means it’s better to take preventative steps rather than try to deal with an infestation later. Cockroaches can eat almost anything, live almost anywhere, and squeeze through cracks so small you almost wouldn’t even believe it, so keeping them out is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take, such as:

  • Keeping your house clean – vacuuming often and clearing up clutter
  • Taking out the trash frequently
  • Covering trash tightly
  • Not leaving dirty dishes lying around, not even in the sink
  • Sealing up cracks in your home’s exterior 
  • Covering ventilation holes and windows with screens
  • Tightly covering stored pantry items to keep food smells within
  • Fixing moisture issues like leaky plumbing to reduce wet hiding spots 
  • Bouncing The Bugs

Even the most stringent prevention measures sometimes will not be enough to keep cockroaches at bay. If an infestation occurs, you’re going to need professional help to deal with these resilient pests. Here at Top Gun Pest Control, we have high caliber solutions for this high caliber problem! Our regularly scheduled residential maintenance programs operate on a quarterly, bi-monthly, and monthly basis, giving you many options to tailor our services to your needs. Our commercial services are trusted by businesses all over the area – which is always backed by our Pest-Free Guarantee. Call us at Top Gun Pest Control today at (256) 414-8309 or visit our contact page to schedule our services!

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