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Are The Spiders In Alexander City, AL Dangerous?

October 15, 2021 - Spiders

Spiders around Alexander City can cause a lot of problems for home and business owners. Many build gummy webs that are so transparent; it’s almost inevitable to walk through them. This can make your place look unkempt. The pests are also frightening with their plethora of eyes and piercing fangs containing venom. Bites are painful, and in some cases, severe.

Some spiders aren’t that worrisome, but a few species are medically dangerous. The two in North America are black widows and brown recluses. Since they are widespread, it would behoove you to study more about them. That way, you can gear up for prevention and receive pest control in Alexander City from Top Gun.

What Spiders Are in Alexander City? What Are the Hazards? 

Black widow and brown recluse spiders are all around the area. You’ll notice black widows by the perceptible gloss on their 0.12 of inch-long bodies. Females, who can reach 0.51 of an inch, have a red abdominal mark formed like an hourglass. Males won’t be as large, stopping at 0.39 of an inch. These arachnids prefer outdoor environments, so they can nest in organic matter, profuse grass, and wood. Should uncomfortable weather or a food shortage occur, they’ll enter your domicile or establishment. Quiet and dark spaces, like garages, basements, and closets, are where they’ll go. Their venom has neurotoxins. Fellow pests are their feeding targets, which means their presence is a symptom of a broader critter issue. 

Brown recluses are tan or brown. In terms of size, they are 0.50 of an inch long. Several spiders are similar to them, but a light violin shape on their stomachs distinguishes them. Other pests are the core of their diet. You will find these bugs around the natural matter. Indoors, they’ll be in dim zones with low traffic, such as cellars, sheds, crawlspaces, attics, and cabinets. They’ll dart away from you on their long and skinny legs. Infestations can happen quickly, as they reproduce rapidly. Following a bite, you may experience fever, nausea, and lesions.

Further details about these spiders to factor in are: 

  • Bites must be treated with medical attention
  • They are nocturnal
  • Infestations are indicated with sightings
  • They’ll be near floor corners, firewood, and furniture.

How Can You Prevent Alexander City Spiders?

To discourage spiders, you must be unswerving with intricate cleaning practices. Taking great care of your exterior is important as well. Perform these tasks:

  • Patch up gaps in foundations, windows, and doors.
  • Make sure that screens and sweeps are in good condition.
  • Get moisture dysfunctions and leaks fixed right away.
  • Regulate warmth by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner.  
  • Use secure containers for food and garbage storage.
  • Sweep up any webs with a broom.
  • Regularly vacuum, sweep, and dust.
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery on a routine basis. Discard lawn debris.
  • Distance plants and wood from the property by two feet.
  • Look over logs and storage items before pulling them indoors.
  • Contact Top Gun if you have pests that spiders will eat up.

What Can Top Gun Do About Alexander City Spiders?

When it comes to defeating spiders, you can’t expect much from commercial pesticides. These products are formulated to be used for a short period and to kill individual bugs only. They are no match for an infestation. Not to mention that they can be toxic. For total home pest control or commercial pest services, rely on us at Top Gun. Our trained technicians will employ industrial-grade treatments and tools that won’t harm people, domestic animals, or vegetation. When you call or email us today, you’ll be offered a free inspection!