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Alexander City's Complete Guide To Effective German Cockroach Control

June 15, 2021 - Cockroaches

The worst cockroach pest in the world is the German cockroach. An adult German cockroach is about ½ inch long, is tan in color, and has two dark lines behind the head that may look a little bit like an equal sign. If this is the kind of cockroach that has gotten into your Alexander City home, you've got your work cut out for you. They are highly resistant to conventional pest control products and methods. In this guide, we're going to break down German cockroach control into natural prevention and targeted control. While natural prevention can fall short, it is an important first step because it will help to mitigate the threat of cockroach-related diseases, stunt population growth, and work to make your home resistant to roach activity.

Natural Prevention

The environment cockroaches desire to live in requires a few key elements. Here are ways you can make your home less friendly to roaches.

Restrict Food

  • Remove food particles, oils, and other food remnants in your kitchen and pantry.
  • Deep clean tight spaces, such as the sides of your oven.
  • Keep trash in sealed containers and remove trash routinely.
  • Clean floors and vacuum regularly.
  • Put dishes in soapy water.
  • Refrain from leaving pet food out overnight.
  • Store pantry foods in sealed containers.
  • Make sure your exterior trash receptacles have covers and that they are kept free of strong odors which attract roaches.

Restrict Water

  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Use the fan when taking a shower or bath.
  • Repair leaky pipes, garbage disposals, and other plumbing issues.
  • Address humid spaces by installing ventilation, fans, or dehumidifiers.
  • Clean your gutters and make repairs if necessary.
  • Repair exterior spigots, hoses, or sprinklers.
  • Consider watering your plants in the early morning. This allows the sun to dry the topsoil and make your landscaping less inviting to roaches.

Reduce Access

  • Seal gaps around pipes that enter into your home under your kitchen sink.
  • Seal baseboard cracks and crevices.
  • Seal gaps around exterior windows and doors.
  • Replace weatherstripping and door sweep on doors that have gaps.
  • Address foundation cracks.
  • Seal gaps around water mains and wire conduits.

Remove Clutter

  • Store newspapers, magazines, books and other paper products in plastic totes, rather than having them in a stack.
  • Remove stacks of cardboard and elevate cardboard that is put in your garage for removal.
  • Minimize clutter through your home.
  • Move objects and piles of objects away from your exterior.
  • Keep your landscaping trim and neat.
  • Targeted Control

The products used to control German cockroaches must be appropriately selected and properly administered. A multi-pronged approach is necessary to successfully knock down existing cockroaches and exclude cockroaches from your home. We don't recommend doing this yourself if you don't have an education in pest control. Contact a licensed pest management professional.

Do You Live In Alexander City, Alabama?

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