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Alexander City’s American Cockroach Prevention Guide

November 15, 2021 - Cockroaches

Of all the pests people don’t want to find in their Alexander City, Alabama home, cockroaches are at the top of the list. These pests are one of the most invasive and dangerous home invaders because they can transmit so many pathogens.

While you’ve likely heard that cockroaches are disgusting and challenging to remove, they are even more of a risk than most realize. And, though there are several cockroach species in the area, American cockroaches are one of the most common and also the largest as they get up to three inches long.

Despite their name, American cockroaches aren’t actually native to North or South America. Instead, they originate from Africa, but they’ve become widespread throughout many areas of the world.

You can identify American cockroaches by their reddish-brown, greasy appearance and their long, oval-shaped bodies. They have wings that lie flat on their backs, six legs, and a pair of antennae.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify, prevent, and remove American cockroaches.

Why Do You Need To Worry About Cockroaches?

You probably have heard that cockroaches are disgusting pests, and this is accurate. But, cockroaches, including the American cockroach, are much more dangerous than many have even heard. These invasive pests often live in places with many germs, including in sewage, rotting animal carcasses, and around garbage.

They have tiny spikes on their legs known as spines that pick up the small matter. Then, they spread this germ-ridden matter inside of homes. Cockroaches love moist areas with access to food, so they commonly get into food items and also onto countertops and around appliances.

American cockroaches can spread dozens of different illnesses, including salmonella and gastroenteritis. They can also cause allergies and asthma attacks in some people. And, while cockroaches do thrive in places with a lot of clutter, they can survive off very little and invade almost any home or business.

Four American Cockroach Prevention Tips

Since American cockroaches are a health risk, knowing how to prevent them can go a long way in protecting yourself and your family. These roaches are also challenging to remove, making prevention much easier than removal.

Here are four ways to make your property less attractive to cockroaches:

  1. Focus on deep cleaning in kitchen areas. Wipe down the inside of cupboards and under appliances. Then, make sure to upkeep the area on a regular basis.
  2. Remove trash from around the property, including organic debris, and cover all garbage cans with lids. Store pet food indoors in sealed containers.
  3. To make it harder for American cockroaches to get inside, find cracks in the walls and foundation and seal them up with caulk and foam insulation. If you have broken screens, repair or replace them.
  4. Cockroaches prefer humid areas, so ensure good ventilation and fix leaky plumbing. Use dehumidifiers in especially moisture-rich rooms.

Removing entry points and attracting factors can go a long way towards preventing American cockroaches.

Getting Rid Of American Cockroaches

When American cockroaches are already living inside your property, the easiest way to remove them and keep them from coming back is with help from Top Gun Pest Control. We will eradicate these dangerous pests from top to bottom of your home or business, and we provide exemplary, ongoing pest control to prevent them in the future.

Discover more about our cockroach control plans by calling us today. You can also request an inspection.