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3 Things Every Alexander City Resident Should Know About American Roaches

July 15, 2019 - Cockroaches

Everyone's home rules are different. For example, some homeowners want people to take off their shoes before coming inside while others don’t care if folks walk around the house in muddy boots. It all comes down to personal preference. Except when it comes to cockroaches. No matter what rules and preferences a homeowner has, cockroaches are a big no-no. Today we will be talking about three things everyone should know about American roaches in Alexander City.

Number One: American Roaches Are As Clean As They Are Dirty

When it comes to cleanliness, cockroaches are quite strange. For instance, did you know that a cockroach will lick its antennae clean, in the same way a cat grooms itself? This makes cockroaches one of the cleaner pests. This, however, does not mean cockroaches bring cleanliness wherever they go! Cockroaches are known for spreading filth in the way that they track dirt and organic matter on their feet throughout homes, and drop their fecal matter wherever they feel like it. They can also track disease-causing bacteria from places such as dumpsters and sewers. This leads to problems.

Number Two: American Roaches Are Dangerous

As we just established, cockroaches can track filth into homes. This filth, whether it be the dirt and grime on their feet, disease-causing bacteria, or the fecal matter they leave behind, can contaminate foods, furniture, and other areas of your home, which can lead to serious health issues. Some common diseases cockroaches are known to spread are salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.

Number Three: American Roaches Are Hard To Treat Alone

Have you seen a cockroach run? They are extremely fast and hard to catch. This alone makes DIY treatments difficulty. Combine this with the facts that cockroaches are great at hiding and are extremely resilient and you have yourself a pest that is nearly impossible to treat without the right tools and knowledge.

How Top Gun Can Help

Here at Top Gun, we have the tools and knowledge to handle even the most invasive of American Cockroaches. If you are finding these tiny, sickness-carrying, nuisances in your home, just give us a call. One of our Top Gun pest professionals in Alexander City is standing by and ready to assist. We will take care of your cockroach problem for you.

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